Improve Your People Management Skills!

Take the 90 day Challenge!

Here's How You Can Improve Your People Management Skills Within Just 90 Days With This Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Initial Benchmark

Complete our online assessment and receive a comprehensive report along with up to 2 hours of expert feedback and coaching from James.

We'll survey your behavioural preferences using a deeply insightful tool called Harrison Assessments (which will help you understand how your patterns of behaviour currently shape your management style) You'll:

  • Understand Yourself Better
  • Know Your True Strengths
  • Uncover Your Blind Spots
  • Understand Your Behaviour Under Stress
  • Develop an Understanding of Your Behavioural Imbalances

The primary skill we need in life is to understand ourselves and when we do that, understanding and managing other people becomes that much easier.

Step 2

Rate Your Boss

As a manager, take part in our Rate Your Boss Team Survey which will highlight what you're doing well and objectively identify areas you may want to develop.

The majority of the world’s workforce are employed in organisations run by managers, and we know that with better management comes better workplaces. We picture a world where employees are:

  • Fully engaged in the work they do
  • Working in an environment that is based on trust and honesty, and free from fear
  • Using their personal capabilities to the full
  • Gaining a sense of satisfaction in contributing to the successful functioning of the organisation they are in
  • Meeting the economic needs of themselves and their families in line with their capabilities

Step 3

90 Day Challenge!

Get the best from yourself and your team in a measurable way with expert coaching which will help you achieve appropriate, measurable behavioural goals within 90 days!

We'll Also Teach You:

  • How to Manage Poor Performers
  • Know your People and what motivates them
  • Understand their Strengths, Blind spots, Stress Behaviours etc.
  • Learn how to influence your team to get the best from them

I've made it my life’s mission to give organisations the confidence and tools to allow their people to fully embrace their work, responsibilities & accountabilities so that, ultimately, everyone is given the opportunity to thrive.


Because when people are able to enjoy their career journey, I strongly believe this will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their families, businesses and communities.

What Real People Have Said...

      • "James is an exceptional individual, he has a clarity of thought and an immense understanding of people. His approach is to work collaboratively with his clients to increase efficiency in a very human, meaningful and ethical manner. When working with James, clients truly take on a partner who seeks to do his very best for their business. James has a dry sense of humour and a generosity of spirit and it is my privilege to unreservedly recommend him to anyone and any business." Carlo G

      • "What I found in my many conversations with James that he has a very deep interest in others plus an uncanny ability to hone in on areas of improvement that may be required by his clients at that point in time. It is very easy to understand why he is a productivity coach and that is because he is a person of deep empathy." James F.

      • "James Bryden is an outstanding thinker; a quality he shares unhesitatingly with his many grateful clients. He brings an extraordinary intellect and sharp focus to his work. But just as importantly, he is a man of deep compassion and emotional insight. I believe these are the qualities that add special value to the lives of the people who come to James for assistance. He's a Game Changer AND a Life Changer. " Kym B.

      • "It is very easy to understand why he is a Productivity Coach and that is because he is a person of deep empathy. James' approach is more profound, almost hypnotic yet respectfully so, guiding you to find your own wisdom and set our own path while relegating his expertise and assessment tools to support roles and not making them the stars of the coaching relationship. " Alexis